Ignalinas AES

Lithuania environment and ecology – is at risk of radioactive pollution in case of accident.

Atlantic air mass carry in southwest – west direction is dominant in Latvia. It mean that a big part of polluting aerosol, gas and dust come to us, because Daugavpils is located only at 20 km distance. In a clear weather from some higher places we can see Ignalina AES chimney.

Radioactive pollution

Accident at Ignalinas AES in Lithuania Republic 100 km zone may cause radioactive poisoning. This zone includes specially pr

rotected territory “Rāzna” which in case of accident will be affected negatively by radioactive pollution.

Weather condition (south, south-west, south-east wind with speed 2-5m/sek and height up to 1500 m) nin this territory radioactive intoxication will begin after some hours from the beginning of accident instant and it will last until the end of elimination of accident and moment, when the emission of radioactive substances into the atmosphere will be stopped.

Chemistry pollution.

In our territory regions along the roads may get into th

he zone of chemical intoxication, if at objects of infrastructure occur accidents during the removal of dangerous cargo (gas and oil products, ammonia, pressured gass, toxic substances e.t.c). Air and water pollution is more relevant in big towns – Riga, Daugavpils, Ve
entspils, Liepaja. The chemistry intoxication zone can develop in case of accident at fabrics in the territory of Daugavpils or nearby foreign territories, when toxic substances (for example Cl), depending on the direction of wind, get to the territory of Andrupenes region.

In Latgale there are 86 protected nature territories, where occur special mode and controlled economical activity, for rare bio-groups, areas of plants and animals not to be endangered. They form almost a half (49%) of all Latvian ĪADT. The biggest area is Rāzna nature park (59615 ha) and protected landscape region Augšdaugava (52325 ha).

The new Ignalina AES is planned to build on territory, which is rich in overground water. It will be radioactive fallout, so inevitably will be rivers’ and ground water’s pollution. Bu

ut the most dangerous situation is Daugava basin pollution, because it is of great importance to provision of drinking water Latvian citizens. There will be radioactive poisoned fish, too.

The same radioactive fallout may have influence on ground, vegetables, fruit, cereal, feed and overstocking, so grows people radiation treatment. After radiation influence the genes damage in animal’s cells may have place, so we can get animals’ and plants’ mutation in nature. Nature we can found doublehead dogs, big fish, and monstrous mu


If an accident will occur in Ignalina’s AES ten thousand hectare of territory will be soiled with division product precipitation, similar how happened after Chernobiljas AES accident.

AES use nowadays is dangerous, comparatively ditry, low efectiv and outmoded – becouse of bigest part of this station were builed in 50.-60. of the last century.

Skirnes lake is situated near plase where will be built new Ignalina’s AES and it extend on Lithuanian and Latvian teretory. If lake will be pollute, so rivers bring this water to Daugava, but Daugava – to the Baltic Sea.

Purpose; if necessary struggle with nature pollution

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