I think that the most serious problem is polluted air, because, in my opinion, all other problems, the greenhouse effect, acid rains, erosion, polluted food and disappearing species are caused by air pollution. In one side air pollution is vey current in our days, because we can not imagine our live without trasnoprt: cars, trains, planes, ships, without different kind of factories, which give to us all what we have: transport, tehnologies, food, clothes, but in other side, air pollution effect our healt so much, it causes different kind of disease: asthma, different allergic disease, lung disease and many kinds of cancer.
I can’t say that I am very interested in enveironmental protection issues, but in our days that is very hard not to notice this problem, because more people are interested in it and speak about it, in each second newspaper you can read articles about air pollution, on TV are many chat shows, which devoted for this problem, when you chat in internet, find information in it you can see a lot of websites, read descussions which devoted for this problem.
Air pollution I think causes threat to the nature in all world, In Latvia it was not very danger, till in our country started disforestation, because forest helped fight with air pollution, but now I think we have the same situation as in European countries. I know that in Riga we have machines on streets what show how much nitrogen is in air, that shows that our country is worried about this problem.
Once I watch tv, and saw one show, in which was telling about fuel alternative, one of it is biological fuel. Some countries in our world use alchocol, what robs in borders, as biological fuel, I think that we also can walk over to biological fuel, because that is more economical and not so danger for nature. Of course we can not decline from transport, so I will not to say that we must use bycickles, rollers, scooters for unpolute air. What about factories, I think that factories must build not in cities, but in placies, where are little number of people, and factories must use different filtrs, I don’t know what can do else, because without factories I can not imagine our live.
Of course we must make nature-friendly relationship, for it we not must not polute nature with used packs, lamps and other wastes, not causes fire forest, not cut our forest, use biological fuels, and recycle different material, as it do „Green point” in our country, to involve in different actions, which offer that kind of organizations, in all we must do what we can do for helping our nature.