Today in our holy land came thousands of strange people. They were talking in some kind of strange language and offered to us odd gifts. At first we thought that they came with peace, but time showed their real faces. Their leader was men called Christopher Columbus. He started all the changes. After a while I heard all truth about him.
In our village rumors spreading fast and now I know the real face of the human who calling himself a discoverer of America. We, Native Americans have lived here more than 12,000 years. And they dare to call us Indians! Our tribes are placed all over the continent and none of them are called Indians! Our ancestries came here through a land bridge called Beringia. That place connected two huge continents and it’s a holy place for all Native Americans. Our grandparents, after crossing this bridge started to spread throughout the America, diversifying into many hundreds of culturally distinct nations and tribes. And by the way, we gave to the world tobacco and potatoes. But that’s not a topic whereof I want to talk about.
Christopher Columbus was an Italian. He born in city called Genoa. Those foreigners are so strange that every tribe calls him as they wish. Latins – Christophorus Columbus, Italians -Cristoforo Colombo and Spaniards – Cristóbal Colón. This man didn’t actually reach the American mainland until his third voyage in 1498. Instead, he made landfall on an island in the Bahamas Archipelago that he named San Salvador while trying to find a sea route to India. I think that’s why Europeans calls us Indians. It’s so miserably, hundreds of years passed since that time and up till now they still call us that way. Now is 21st century maybe it’s time to the world to find out that we are not in India.
Besides he wasn’t first who discovered our holy land. Before him was barbarians called vikings. I heard it from my grand father. They were from Scandinavian lands. My ancestors call them as traders, warriors and pirates. who raided and colonized wide areas. Same as Columbus, they arrived from the sea. Their leader was called Erik the Red. He came with his son Leif Erikson. They both was from Iceland. Eriksson, known from Icelandic sagas as a descendant from a line of Norwegian Viking chieftains, who had established the first European settlement in Greenland in about 985, was most likely the first people from the old world who discovered America in about 1000 and yet this land is called in honour of the last traveller –Amerigo Vespucci.
In the end I can’t understand those so called Europeans. First tribe, who discovered us , the Vikings, is let almost forgotten. The second discoverer, Christopher Columbus, they prising. But continent they called in the name of third researcher – Amerigo Vespucci. It’s make no sense. And they calling themselves a cradle of culture?