My school

My school.

At the moment I am studying at the 5.high school in Liepaja. It is the third biggest school in Latvia. The whole school is divided in three houses – primary school, elementary school and high school. My school also has extra – curricular activities like a german drama club, sport activities like basketball and volleyball. In my opinion it is the best school in Liepaja.
On the one hand my school is very good because it has a very good education system, and very profession teachers, who are understanding and helpful. Most of the timetable is organised so, that we don’t feel exhausted after school. Our school is also cooperating with german cities such as Darmstadt.
But on the other hand, I think my school has too much discipline, there is just too much rules and sometimes I get the feeling I would learn in a military school. And there are too much homework, I am sure that so much homework isn’t healthy. By the way it would be great if the breaks were shorter.
To sum up, in my opinion, my school is great, of course it’s not perfect, it has, just like everything else, a positive and negative side.