the real value of life

The real value of life

Have you ever thought about meaning of your life? Paulo Coelho shows us secret of full value life in all his books, especially in “Alchemist”. He makes us think about ourselves, about the way, we take in our life, about how we can decide what is the most important in our existence. People’s biggest problem is not delving into themselves. Main character Santiago shows all the upgrowth that had people who has traveled all over the world and seen and experienced so many things. In the beginning, he was only a boy who wanted see an Egyptian pyramids and travel with his lambs, which were his closest friends, but in the end an experienced man who knows what the real value of the world. . This book report is mainly focused on analysis of three aspects of the book: theme, style, and value.
One aspect of the book is its theme. The main idea is that person can change his inner world. If he meets the right man, he could turn in different person, sometimes even better than he was before.
One of the major ideas is that we need to lean on the facilities that the world can give us. If we do not use them, we could regret it later. People do not understand and even do not want to understand what is better for them and in the result, they lose all that they had and sometimes all that they could have. An old man said to an Andalusian shepherd that the riches could disappear as fast as they appeared.
The other one of the main ideas of the book is to show people that love is most important thing in the whole wide world.
The alchemist said Santiago that the treasure is in the same place where heart, because we can see the true side of all things only through our heart. Money cannot buy us the happiness, love and health, it is too feeble.
The last idea of “Alchemist” is that we need to acquire the new, do not losing all that we already have, because we are an empty place without our basic knowledge. We need to see all wonders of the world and do not forget about the drops of the oil in the teaspoon.
A second aspect of “Alchemist” is its style. There are no illustrations or pictures for visualization. There is some information about the author and the whole book is divided in numbered chapters and also in small chapters that divide one idea and event from another one. On the cover of the book, there is an old castle, which is enclosed with the mountains. That castle symbolizes all treasures, dreams and aims that have been mentioned in the book. In my opinion it is very important to mention that the story beginnings with the Gospel according to St. Lukas. In the introduction there was used another story about a young man called Narcissus.
The vocabulary of this book is simple. It is written using an engaging style. The author seems interested in the subject. He has written the book in the way that catches the attention of readers. When we have started reading we cannot stop it, it is so riveting that we could forget about things that we need to do.
A final aspect of “Alchemist” is its value. While reading this book I could detect some interesting citations about how people see their lives and what they esteem as the most important in their lives. I learned that we need to open our hearts to people that are older and more intelligent. He could teach us many important things that we cannot discover without the help of an experienced person. I have realized that one person can bring a lot of new emotional experience into another’s life giving many useful advices.
The book’s main idea, that we should enlarge our vision, because the world is not all that happening around us, but it is bigger, including all cultures that give us knowledge. In my opinion, everybody should read this book because it gives incredibly much.
Paulo Coelho “The Alchemist”, international edition, “Harper Torch”