Ambition is…

Ambition is…
Almost everyone has their own ambitions, some more potent, some less, but it is dependent on power of volition. Ambition is purpose, whim. That is like a big group of wishes, but not always you can realize them, if you have bigger ambitions, then it is harder to do them. If you ambitions is not too high and egoistic, then it is good for you, but if they are too much and unreal then it is bad, because it can ruin your relationships with others.
Ambitions divide in two groups – “unhealthy” ones and “healthy” ones. If you have healthy ones you can reach your goals and get far in your life. For example – if you do not have friends, you make an ambition for you like- from this day I will start a new life, I will go to some party and find a friends. If it works, than it is really good.
Other side of ambitions- “unhealthy” ones, that is a negative quality, people who have them, most of all are with abominable character, because they are trying to do almost everything to reach their ambitions, as a result they avail others for their ambitions. When something goes wrong they are not comfortable with it and they become angry and annoying. For example, young women wants to be popular in her school, but, because of her annoying character (it is annoying because she is going to do almost everything to reach her ambition) others have to pretend that she is sweet and lovely girl, because they are afraid of her. That is big problem for our civilization, we can see it even in a youth movies.
To sum up, we can see all around, that together with us are people with “unhealthy ambitions” and it usually disturb us. So we can arrive at a conclusion- ambitions are not good (of course with exceptions).

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