What do I think about America.

What do I think about America.
The United States of America is in the North America. The capital city is Washington. Washington is next to the Atlantic Ocean. The United States of America is divided in fifty states. The biggest cities are New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The president is George Volker Bush. In their flag are fifty stars – that symbolize fifty states and thirteen lines symbolize first states in seacoast. I think America is very big and interesting state and there is a lot to see.
I think the most interesting city in the United States of America is New York. There is a lot to see, for example The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building. Everything that is there are so big, of course that is only my standard. If I have some chance to go there I would take the advantage. The Statue of Liberty is very high and popular. I have seen it in so many movies. I have heard that when you are arriving in New York airport you can see it, I think that it is very beautiful sightsee.
When I was little in Television was one serial – “Chicago hope”. I remember that I very enjoyed it. There was story about hospital and doctors. There were no series unseen to me and I was proud about that. I told it to my friend and they were laughing, because that was not stylish to watch serials like that. I remember that I said to my mother-when we will ride to Chicago, when we will ride to Chicago, and she always said – later dear, later. And that was every day after that “Chicago hope”. Now, when I think about that I am laughing, but I still want to go there.
My aunt is living in the United States of America, accurately in Florida. And sometimes she sent to us some pictures with great buildings in there, and sometimes some clothes. When I was learning in kindergarten my father was in Florida. He was working there. He sent to us pictures and I very missed him. My mother told to me that one day I was packing my bag with some clothes and I said that I am going to Florida. My mother was laughing very hard. When my father was home again he told to us everything. There was celestial bliss for him. I worshiped Florida and I thought – when I will be adult I will go there. When I was learning in fifth grade we had a possibility to go there and live forever. Everything was almost planed, only my aunt needed to send to us money for the tickets to airplane, and she did not send. And that was the end of my chance to have another life.
There is one bad thing that I do not like about the United States of America – they are not in the Kyoto covenant. They have so much pollution. And it is not gainfully for them to take a part in that covenant, because it is bad for their economic situation.
Despite of that pollution I still want to go there. It is the second biggest state in all world. I have seen it in many films and photographs and it looks so nice and attractive.