Capital punishment is the only way to deter criminals?

“Capital punishment is the only way to deter criminals”

How should society behave to criminals?

It is quite clear that criminals deserve to be banned out form the society, but unfortunately it is not possible to do that and for that reason you can not predict who is the person sitting next to you in the tram. It is obvious that to understand a criminal is very difficult and you can’t be sure what kind of reaction to expect from them. But one thing we should really keep in our minds it is important to treat them in a very careful way. It is not like criminals deserved to be defended, but we should put our security in the very first place. It is very hard to understand the people who defend criminals, because majority of the defenders have never been in touch with the crime casualties. People with no experience let the society in a risk and rise the violence.

How would you describe today’s violent criminal?

Obviously now days violent criminals are quite famous, because the press, television, radio and all news tell about what they done. News providing companies are investing large amounts of money for getting their thoughts and details about the crime. However many people are really interested in this and find it quite interesting. Therefore criminals could feel proud for what they done, because everybody know about them and they are shown on the newspaper front pages. Personally I believe that this is a wrong way of dealing with criminals. Society should be blaming them not wondering for what they have done.

Which punishment you better prefer to be used for the criminals?

In my opinion it is the most pitiless punishment. The general idea is to make criminals afraid of crime consequences and my personal experience shows that the most successful deterrent used to be the capital punishment.

What makes you to support the capital punishment?

To prevent the criminals of doing a crime we should make them afraid of the crime consequences and therefore we need a strong punishment what they couldn’t escape. Only in this way we would be able to prevent the criminals of doing wrong. I am sure if the capital punishment would be used it would decrease the number of violent crimes.

Why do you think the life sentence isn’t strong enough to prevent a criminal of doing crime?

Usually people think that the”Life Sentence” is a cruel punishment, because the prisoners suppose to spend the rest of their life in a prison, but it is not how it seems to look like. If a criminal get a life sentence he still has a chance to be released from the prison before official end of his prison sentence. Thanks to good behavior in the prison they can get on a parole or get couple years off of their prison sentences and return back to society.

What is the reason why society is against capital punishment?

I believe that is because they have never been in touch with real crime casualties. Majority of society keep their humanistic position till they got affected by a crime results and afterwards they change their opinions.