Death Weight

Brian Lecomber
Dead Weight

Brian Lecomber is a veteran pilot and he writes about the thing he knows the best about flying. Dead Weight is a novel about pilot Scott’s life. I found that novel Death Weight is completely different form usual crime or thriller stories. The writer really knows how it is to be in the air and fly with fears about your life. Not many people nowadays really know what means to control an airplane and trough what kind of emotions pilot is going. This book gives a real chance to outlive and feel great gamma of emotions. Lomber describes all events in very accessible type form. It is quite easy to imagine my self in Scott’s place while flying in the dark sky feeling the perspiration of fears the humming of airplanes engines and the deathly cold hands on airplanes handlebar.
In the beginning of novel Scott is a young immature person who has got only his pilot license and incomplete dream about his own flying club. In my view we can describe Scott as a kind-hearted and sensitive person who wants to rise in his life and provide his family as good as possible. Scott’s dream and his love with her unborn child forces him into doing a crime which unfortunately comes to grief and destroys his future plans. Scott loses his love and child. Future story goes about Scott’s life after prison and what consequences cause destroyed reputation. We face the truth that nobody can escape from his past. After prison Scott is lost in the world, only thing what he still has is a dream about his own flying club, but now in front of him are many barriers to reach this aim.
Scott tried to start a new life far away form his home land in place where nobody could recognize him, but unfortunately nothing is as easy as it seems to be. Scott can’t forget his dream and lost love, because of severe pain inside his heart he starts to drink. He wants to forget his previous life therefore he becomes an alcoholic. Scott way of looking at life is depressive without any joy and slowly he loses his dream about the flying club. Scott takes dangerous odd jobs to get some money for living and to expose itself to danger. Only emotions of fear can make Scotts eyes open. Scott’s life becomes pretty monotonous, he lives from one flying to another and luck is not with him. Everything keeps going like this till one evening finally his life makes a sharp turn. He gets involved in a gold smuggling; he is forced to do the crime, because a gang blackmails him about his past. The tension reaches the top in the story when Scott has no other options except signing up for the crime job. Scott recalls the first crime what he did and the consequences afterwards.
Scott is again in situation when all his further life depends just on luck. Scott is in front of two ways one of the ways leads to the prison in case if he fails to do the crime successfully and the other way may complete one of his earnest desires. So Scott gets involved in his lives greatest affair. Scott outlives fears and sadness; he was alone with his fears. We can se quite obvious how human being acts in unaccustomed situations just to save his life and what he feels inside him when he is just a little step before getting arrested. This novel makes its reader feel sorry about Scott, how unfair sometimes can be the life to nice people and how simply for callous person is to exploit others. Scott is just a soldier in his world that is fighting for his existence, he uses all weapon that he has he even lies to save himself. We can see very clearly that professional criminals must be quite intelligent, because they must be smarter and quick-witted otherwise they could not manage to bring their job to the end.
I can only admire and envy Brian Lecomber’s talent. To write a good quality crime or thriller novel you need to know how it feels when you’re doing crime and how it is to be on the other side of law. Sometimes people think that criminals have no heart and feelings, but it is not like that. They have their own reasons of doing wrong. I believe that on the world are no such evil humans. We probably think so because we see only what they do. I’m not saying that they deserved to be whitewashed. Above all they need help form us only in such a way they can change and realize what they really did. In my opinion nobody deserved to be punished with death penalty only god has rights to kill what he had created.