All our life is one big education. Everywhere we go we get some kind of education.
We have a possibility to get education what need everyone. It gives at first kinder garden. There curriculum of preschool institutions includes elements of education. After is primary school. It takes four years and it is more sophisticated. In primary school, pupils taught reading, writing, natural science, physical training, singing, drawing, handicrafts. Does someone can survive somehow without these skills?
A pupil proceeds from a nine-year school, what is compulsory in Latvia, to a general secondary school specialized secondary or a vocational school.
Today there are different types of secondary educational establishments in Latvia. For example, we can mention such institutions as colleges, gymnasia and lyceums. Some of them are state other are private. Today a boy or a girl has a wide range of possibilities to enter any educational establishment he or she likes. However, sometimes the choice largely depends of their parent’s financial position.
After any, type of secondary school young people can receive highest education at one of higher education establishments: a university or institute.
Everyone wants and has to work to survive. However, mostly today people are judge not by their appearance but their education. Therefore, that way everyone has to study at highest establishment to live, as people deserved it.