Lost in the Snow

Lost In the Snow

Once in a beautiful winter evening my family sat near a fireplace. Kat brought hot tea to everyone. Than she said, “Last time when we were all together near the fireplace was when John was lost.”
“We were playing snowballs”, add mum, “Than I realized that John isn’t here.”
“I run over the tree to hide. However, it managed somehow I lost in the wood. Suddenly big heap of snow sailed into me. I could not run away. The snow was laceration. I could not move anything. I was laden with sorrow when I realized that”, remembered John.
“We were looking and crying for you to responding”, I said.
“I screw up to answer to you,” answered John.
“You had lusterless eyes when we found you. First thought was you are not alive,” remembered mum.
“I have to bless one’s star I stayed alive. Now it seems it was just a moment. At least we all are safe and that’s the most important thing,” John said to his family.