Should smoking be banned in public places

Should smoking be banned in public places?
People always debate about whether smoking should be banned in public places or not. Smokers of course do not see why it should be banned and non smokers say that it should be bad because secondhand smoking is very bad for their health. Personally, I am not a smoker but I believe that it should not be banned from public places. I mean yes smoking is dangerous but I am sure almost every smoker knows that and yet they still do it. I think that banning smoking will not do anyone any good. People will still smoke no matter what. Weed is illegal but people still smoke it! Drinking under 18 is illegal but teenagers still drink. If smoking is banned, what is next? Not being able to drive your car because it will cause air pollution which also causes cancer! I do not think that it is fair to smokers. Can you imagine not being able to drive you car? I mean smokers pay taxes when they buy cigarettes; I think that they should be allowed to smoke in public. Banning smoking will not solve the problem; it will just kind of silence the problem. I really think that if smoking is banned in public places then you will barley see any people in public, because according to a quick research that I did a lot of people are smokers. Restaurants, bars and clubs will seriously go out of business. To be fair, smokers should be able to smoke in public places. I actually think that some restaurants do a good job at separating the smoking area form the non smoking area. I go to champps all the time and we always sit in the non smoking area and I never really smell or see any smoke. Yes it is true that secondhand smoking could cause cancer, but like I said, many other things out there could cause air pollution which also causes cancer. If you think that nothing but secondhand smoking is bad for you, then you can always sit in the non smoking section of the restaurant. It is almost impossible to divide all public places into smoking and non smoking sections because these places, bars for example, are for people to go to and just relax and have fun not to be separated from other people. As far as I know most (but not all) bar tenders are smokers so I don’t think that they will be bothered by secondhand smoking. Basically, people should know that there are other things out there that can be bad for their health. I mean the air is already polluted from cars and factories and that can cause lung cancer also. I think that if smoking is banned in public places, people will not go to bars or restaurants or they will still smoke even if they know it is illegal, so banning smoking will not work
„The smokers do not care for their own health, how can we expect them to care for others? So, some higher authority needs to restrict them.”

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