There should be no compulsory school subjects.

There should be no compulsory school subjects.
Students should be allowed to choose the subjects they want to study.

Every day thousands of students are visiting a secondary school, where they are learning definite subjects, like math, physic, chemistry, history, official language, other languages, sport and other. Unfortunately, one part of students are complaining about subjects, which they hate, or in witch they have bad success. Sure, wherefore they don’t want to learn them. On my opinion it’s absurd, that in secondary school students must learn all these subjects, therefore, that secondary school isn’t obligatory.
From the one hand, it’s good, that student learns something about various fields. It may help in all of person life, for example – languages – for right pronouncing, orthography and so on so on. Moreover, it educate people’s mind. Certainly students, who are learning all subjects, are more intelligent.
But, looking from the other hand, there are much of people, who have “bad head” in corresponding subjects, for example – in math, physics or other. Then, I think, it’s absurd to force them to learn subjects, what they don’t want. I think these students must learn subjects, what they need in high school. And then there will be better results, because students will be interested in these subjects.
To sum up I can say that maybe all subjects can learn in elementary school, like basic program, and then – in secondary school students may choose, which subjects they want to learn and which not (except secondary schools with special deviation). Then students will be comfortable and teachers will not worry about bad success and uninterested students.