Visiting New York City


Slide 2. Planning the traveling

 Instead of three days I include in my journey five days because I will visit nothing in arrival day and flying out day. In first case I will be very tired, in second case I will have to prepare for flying out.
 I had choused flying which offer KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Because of the fact that we do not have the direct flight from Riga to New York at first I will have to fly to Vienna and than to New York. The total time of flying is 14 hours and 35 minutes.
 According to the Visa Waiver Program announced by President Bush on October 17 citizens from Latvia can get to the America without visas.
 In New York I will stay in a hotel called On the Ave Hotel. I will have to pay approximately 200$ per night. This hotel has fantastic balcony views of Central Park.

Slide 3. My 1st day in New York

 I want to see how New York looks upwards so I will get around NYC by helicopter. I will use the New York Helicopter Charter and take Grand Tour so I will have the opportunity to see all of the above sights – plus Brooklyn Bridges, Battery Park and other interesting things.
 After that I am planning to go to the museums which New York offers for free. So I will have a chance to see Hispanic and Indian culture.
 When I’m planning to go to the Socrates Sculpture Park. It has a giant sculptures and waterfront view of Manhattan. Also for free.

Slide 4. My 2nd day in New York

 I have heard so many information about New York as a world business centre so I just can’t avoid the chance to see Wall Street. Symbolically Wall Street means the financial centre of the United States because of the concentration of business institutions in area.
 Also I want to see the famous 5th Avenue with it grand shops.
 Then I will go to the Central Park. This huge park was designed in the 1850s by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Olmsted wanted the park to be a place for all – rich and poor, young and old.
 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, with huge collections of art from around the world, may be the most important museum in the United States.

Slide 5. The last day in New York

 Times Square is named after the New York Times, which for years had its headquarters there.
 The Dakota is unusual building on the western side of the Central Park. It took its name because of funny case. When building was being built people laughed and sad that nobody with money would live in an apartment house, especially when it was so far from the center of town that it might as well be in the Dakotas (Dakotas are located in the western part of the United States). But the builder had the last laugh – he named his building the Dakota.
 On the western side of the Central Park there is also a possibility to go to Harlem night-clubs and hear jazz. There are also restaurants which serve soul food (food cooked in the way of blacks on the South).